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Corporate Enagagement:

While maintaining the position as Asia's leading The Trade Capital Foundation is the private philanthropic foundation for Trade Capital Group of Companies, commited with a mission to enhance opportunities for social change through strategic investments that improve health and well being, promote quality education, and broaden economic empowerment opportunities. The Foundation has contributed in excess of $800 million to philanthropic initiatives in charitable funds to several causes in Asia's poorest countries, by supporting programs that help solve crucial social and environmental issues. Trade Capital Foundation works with over 100 Non-Profit organization and partners. The activities of the Foundation revolve around the four pillars of Health, Economic Empowerment, Education and Disaster relief.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

The Trade Capital Foundation was established for the purpose of focusing Trade Capital Group of Companies efforts in terms of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to help reduce poverty and foster sustainable development in Asia.
In September 2014, The Trade Capital Foundation consulted with a diverse group of stakeholders across Asia to ascertain the needs of the people in Asia's poorest countries and the findings of this rich consultative process enabled the development of a more focused strategy under the four portfolio areas of Health, Economic Empowerment, Education and Disaster relief.
In conjunction with local and international Non-Profit partner organisations, The Trade Capital Foundation remains committed to improving individual and communal lives through social investment projects that nurture people's inherent abilities, care for and respect people's dignity and help create economic value in their lives.
As evidenced in the numerous awards it has received over the years by intervening in the areas of health, education and empowerment. The Foundation has been able to produce an overall positive impact in various Asian communities in the society by providing humanitarian aid to the victims of natural disasters.